Condo & Townhouse Fireplaces

Condo & Townhouse Fireplaces

We have great news for condo & townhouse owners!

  1. Valor Fireplaces have recently re-introduced the B vent adaptor.
    Many strata developments built pre 2000 have fireplaces that use B vent, which were not as efficient as they are now, as opposed to the more balanced, or direct vent. This has made options somewhat limited for replacing your fireplace.

Valor Fireplaces has developed a certified B vent adaptor that allows some existing B vent fireplaces, within its technical parameters, to be changed to modern direct vent fireplaces. All with no invasive changes to strata rain-screening and minimal change to the roof top vent.

Contact us to find out if your strata townhouse or apartment fireplace qualifies for the B-Vent adaptor and a new direct vent fireplace.

The units available with the B vent adaptor are:

Which leads us to the second bit of great news!

  1. As an added bonus: Condo and townhouse owners are now eligible to receive up to $300 in rebates from FortisBC for a new fireplace.

Whether you’re getting a brand new zero clearance fireplace, gas stove, or replacing a gas or wood fireplace with an insert, you could get a rebate for energy savings from FortisBC.

Check out our partial list of eligible units, and come to our showroom to speak with a sales person.

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