Direct Vent Zero Clearance Fireplaces

Find the Direct Vent Fireplace that fits perfectly into your home. Vancouver Gas Fireplaces has over one hundred designs to choose from, ranging in style from traditional to modern. A direct vent gas fireplace is about more than heat; it’s about expressing your unique style and adding a functional piece of art to your home.

Highly-Efficient Heating Systems

Gas fireplaces are extremely efficient for heating the home. Balanced air intake and heat distribution capacities could make your new direct vent gas fireplace the best thing you’ve ever done to heat your home. Their efficiency could end up saving you money; most direct vent gas fireplaces come with an EnerGuide efficiency rating of 63% or higher, making you eligible for the FortisBC gas fireplace rebate.

Effortless Installation

Direct vent zero clearance fireplaces don’t need a chimney for venting; you can simply vent them through the ceiling or an exterior wall. This makes them far easier to install than other options in your home. We can install your direct vent fireplace quickly so you can start enjoying it without any additional stress.

Browse our entire selection of direct vent zero clearance fireplaces below and book an appointment at our showroom to select the best option for you. To make your appointment., contact us here or call us at (604) 732-3470.




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