Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts

Wood burning inserts can be fitted into existing masonry or zero clearance fireplaces. One major benefit of a wood insert is it prevents heated air in the home from escaping through a fireplace that is not in use. Unlike dampers that rarely have an adequate seal, inserts have glass doors that effectively prevents air flow from home to outside and vice versa.

Improve the Heating Efficiency of your Fireplace

Wood Burning Inserts are most often installed for their heating characteristics. Most wood fireplace products today are designed with some form of heat exchange system which, combined with fans, can create a very effective form of heat.

Almost all models sold now in North America are tested to stringent efficiency and emission standards. Inserts are installed into existing open wood burning fireplaces. A stainless steel liner is installed into the chimney and constrict the venting to help provide a clean, efficient, and safe burn.

Wood Fireplace Inserts from Top Brands

If you love the natural aroma of wood but would like to cut on energy costs, wood fireplace inserts are for you. Vancouver Gas Fireplaces carries a variety of top brands such as Pacific Energy, Stuv, and Enviro.

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