Wood Burning Fireplaces

Nothing beats the romance of a wood-burning fireplace crackling and warming a room. With built-in, freestanding, and wood stove options, there is a wood fireplace for every style.

Vancouver Gas Fireplaces can provide you with the expertise that you need to figure out the restrictions on wood-burning fireplaces in your jurisdiction, assist with your installation and finishing needs, and find the right wood fireplace for you. Let us help bring your vision of a roaring fireplace to life.

Wood Fireplace Installation

In some jurisdictions, there are restrictions surrounding wood fireplace installation. If you are interested in making a wood-burning fireplace part of your home, please check your local bylaws.

Once you, or your contractor, have determined that it is allowed within your jurisdiction, we would be happy to take you through the wood fireplace installation process. It all begins when you visit our showroom to talk to a salesperson about our selection of wood-burning fireplaces.

After selecting your fireplace, we will arrange a visit to your home in order to determine the specifics of the installation. When we have come up with a plan that satisfies your needs, we will give you a quote for your desired fireplace – or fireplaces. After receiving your deposit, we will schedule your wood fireplace installation at a date that works for you. Vancouver Gas Fireplaces can also provide framing and finishing services after your new fireplace is installed, so you can focus on enjoying the new feature in your home.

Zero Clearance Air Tight
For heat efficiency

Zero Clearance Air Tight

Free Standing
Wood stoves, effective heating

Free Standing

Zero Clearance Open
Decorative, minimal heating

Zero Clearance Open

Focus Fireplaces
Unique, award winning designs

Focus Fireplace

Wood Inserts
Installed into pre-existing masonry fireboxes

Wood Inserts