B-Vent Fireplace Inserts

B vent inserts utilizes a single liner system installed into the chimney. These units are primarily used where either a unit is being replaced that only has a single liner or/and it is not possible to install a double liner system in the chimney.

What is a B-Vent Fireplace Insert?

Unlike a direct vent insert, a B-vent fireplace uses the air inside your living space to create combustion. However, the air needed to operate is minimal and will reduce the amount of heat loss in your room. The B-vent direct insert is ideal for homeowners who are looking to replace their wood-burning fireplace. B-vent inserts are the cheapest to install and do require the need for a chimney for installation.

Cost Effective and Easy to Install

  • B-vent direct fireplace inserts are most commonly used due to how easy they are to install. The vents are made from a different type of material and are much smaller compared to other types of inserts. This allows the insert to fit into smaller clearances, making it quick and easy for installation. They are considered less expensive than other types of fireplace inserts, making them quite popular amongst remodeled homes.

Heat Production and Large Flame

  • B-vent inserts are known for having a realistic, beautiful, and large flame for your loved ones to gather around. They produce a higher amount of heat compared to vent-free models and are perfect for battling away the winter scaries. They pump air outside instead of circulating through the home, which can help keep the air quality of your home high. These types of inserts are ideal for smaller spaces.

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