Vancouver Gas Fireplaces’ representatives are knowledgeable and we stock other products related to successfully operating fireplaces. These items include Chimney and Chase Top Treatments, Fireplace Doors, Venting Equipment and Mantels and Surrounds, as well as Crushed Glass Toppings. There are some challenges that may arise in designing your fireplace, for which we have the perfect solution:

When the vent pipe comes out of the chimney chase, it looks better when it is dressed up with an appropriate top. Vancouver Gas Fireplaces can help you select the right one for your home or project.

If you are seeking a custom-made fireplace door with a custom finish, talk to the fireplace experts at Vancouver Gas Fireplaces. We can help you find what you are looking for.

When you have a smoky fireplace, we can help to resolve this issue by looking at venting equipment options.

Choosing the right mantel or surround will depend on many factors. We can advise you on what will fit best with the home décor you have in mind.

VGF provides a full range of construction services when necessary to ensure your fireplace and décor are well matched. Our install team will take professional care to make sure all your needs are met during the installation process.

To learn more or purchase any of our fireplace accessories, contact Vancouver Gas Fireplaces here or call us at (604) 732-3470.

Fire Glass
Beads, and burner toppings


Fireplace doors from FDM


Chimney and Chase Tops
Caps, Shrouds etc.

Chimney and Chase Tops

Solar Chargers
Peppermint Energy

Solar Chargers

Chimney Venting Equipment
Fans, Dampers etc.