Chimney and Chase Top Treatments

There are a variety of chimney top, chase top shrouds and chimney top damper systems to choose from when considering the feasibility of venting your fireplace or the design characteristics of your home; or both. Many of these systems are pre-certified for use with specific fireplace manufacturers and it is best to contact us when considering the workability of your venting system.

Chase top shrouds are less specific and are used primarily for aesthetic purposes for shrouding metal venting from view as it protrudes out the top of framed out chimney chases, along with the chase top flashings the shrouds waterproof and finish off the top of a chase.

Please see the PDF links below for lay out and examples of shrouds:
Curved Chase Cap
Expanded Mesh Cap Shrouds
Desa Shroud
Typical Chase Construction with Flashing and Shroud
Guidelines for Town & Country Shrouds