Energy Top Damper

Energy Top Dampers attach to the top of the chimney’s flue tile liner providing a tight, gasketed fit that seals in your heat and seals out weather, insects, birds and all other unwanted debris.

Energy Top Dampers are easy to operate! A slight pull on the chain releases the spring-loaded top into the open position when you’re ready to burn your fireplace.

Save on energy costs! More than 8% of your homes heating loss is often due to an open chimney draft. Close it with an Energy Top Damper and increase your energy savings.


Four Season Protection for your chimney. When closed, the damper seals in your heat and air conditioning, and seals out birds, animals and insects, Serves as a chimney cap when closed, Replaces leaky throat dampers, Easily accessible handle mounts inside of fireplace, Precision engineered mechanism is easier to open and close than throat dampers, The practical solution to upgrading fireplace chimneys in older houses that never had a damper installed previously, Constructed of stainless steel and aluminum so components will not rust or corrode, Always opens to a pre-set height, Defaults to open position for maximum safety, Lifetime Warranty