JOTUL C450 Fireplace Series

Jøtul’s C 450 Series offers the same performance as the double door units, but comes with an easy to load, large fire viewing, single door. These units also come standard with a 120 cfm blower to maximize efficiency.

2020 Compliant release in 2021.

Cord Wood Output


Log Size


Heating Area

Up to 1,500 sq.ft

Particle Emissions

2020 compliant TBAg/hr

Emission Standards

EPA certified


22″H x 25 1/2″W x 12 3/4-16 3/4″D

Min Opening Dimensions

23″H x 27 1/2″W x 14″D

Precision depth adjustable firebox, Full view air washed glass, Updated to meet 2020 standards, Available 2021