LOPI Large Flush Fireplace

The Large Flush wood insert from Lopi is a real eye-catcher. It’s traditional look mixed with the size will really give off that cabin in the woods feeling.
Included features are the clean burning Hybrid-Fyre Technology, catalytic assist technology, stainless steel secondary combustion air tubes – all to make this unit a top clean burning wood insert.

With an efficiency rating of 80.3%, you can enjoy more heat from less wood. The Lopi Large Flush fireplace is a high technology wood insert with almost no carbon monoxide remaining through burn cycles.

Cord Wood Output

83,200 BTU/hr


3 cu.ft

Log size

up to 24″

Heating area

2,500 sq.ft

Max. burn time

12 hrs



Emission Stadards


Hybrid-Fyre Technology, Stainless steel combustion air tubes, Catalytic assist technology