MARQUIS Solace Fireplace

The Solace is available in a range of sizes, with media, liner, and trim options to transform your fireplace into something truly unique.

Prices starting at: $3,020


MQHBZDV3636N 20,600-30,500/hr, MQHBZDV4236N 20,600-30,500/hr,
MQHBZDV4736N 27,000-40,000/hr,
HBZDV3624N 14,000-24,000/hr,
HBZDV4224N 14,000-24,000/hr


MQHBZDV3636LP 22,200-29,000/hr,
MQHBZDV4236LP 22,200-29,000/hr,
MQHBZDV4736LP 30,000-36,000/hr,
HBZDV3624LP 15,000-22,000/hr,
HBZDV4224LP 15,000-22,000/hr

IPI, Dual burner with Realistic Flame Pattern, A flame sensor that constantly monitors the pilot flame and provides 100% gas shut off if pilot is not sensed, Designer Clean View Circulating Kit – No Louvers Required, Optional Pull Screens, Fan Kit – Heat activated with variable speed control, Thermostat – Wall Mount Millivolt Thermostat or Programmable Thermostat, Remote Control – On/Off, Thermostat On/Off, Hi/Lo On/Off, Child Safety Screen

Marquis_multi-stones Marquis_white-stones Marquis_LOGF36
Multi Stones White Stones LOGF36
Marquis_red_herringbone Marquis_herringbone-liner Marquis_brick-liner Marquis_reflective-liner Marquis_matte-liner
Red Herringbone Herringbone Brick Porcelain Reflective Matte Black