VALOR Windsor Arch

The Windsor Arch evokes an era when the art of cast fireplace surrounds flourished and an open fire warmed every room. Hand-crafted castings highlight the exquisite detail and beautiful craftsmanship of this fireplace. Available in cast iron, or chrome highlights, the Windsor Arch will provide the dramatic look you’re look for in your fireplace.

NG BTU Input




ZC EnerGuide

NG 70.2%, LPG 70%

Insert EnerGuide

NG 64%, LPG 66%

ZC Framing Dimensions

26 1/4″W x 37″H x 13 1/8″D

Insert Min. Cavity Dimensions

20″W x 25 1/4″H x 11 1/2″D

Programmable remote ValorStat system – cruise control for your fireplace, Modulating fire turns down an incredible 70% for steady even heat, Heats without electricity – operates during a power outage, Heats without the need for a fan, Direct vent installs practically anywhere you want, Ceramic glass window, Primary and secondary heat exchangers, Aluminized firebox and stainless steel burners for long life, Co-linear vent to install into existing chimney systems, B vent adaptor kit

Valor_traditionalogset Valor_coal Valor_Legend-driftwood
Traditional Logs Coals Driftwood Rocks

Valor_brickliner Valor_blackflutedliner
Brick Black Fluted Reflective Black