Decorations and Fireplace Safety

Decorations and Fireplace Safety

The Holidays are here, and no matter what you celebrate – Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Christmas, or Festivus – it’s for the rest of us. Most of these celebrations include decorations.

It’s important to brush up on your fireplace safety knowledge.

  • Don’t hang anything over the opening.
    Even on a fireplace with a screen, or glass. This includes: stockings, plastic greenery, and signage.
  • Consult your installation manual for clearances.
    Keep your decorations on, or above the mantel. Not draping over.
  • Your Christmas tree should be at least 3 feet away from your fireplace.
    Further if you have any rambunctious pets or toddlers that live for knocking things over.
  • Don’t throw anything other than wood in your wood-burning fireplace.
    Some of us are lucky not to have had accidents doing this in our childhood. But wrapping paper and cardboard boxes should not be burnt. Pieces could fly out and cause damage. Recycle those materials instead.

Our last piece of advice:

If you’re looking to get a new fireplace, come by our showroom now. We (unsurprisingly) get very busy this time of the year. For your benefit, we suggest talking to us in-person and viewing our showroom fireplaces to get an early installation date.

See our showroom hours.

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