Fireplace Maintenance Tips

Fireplace Maintenance Tips

It’s that time of the year again!

Keep your gas fireplace in tip top condition with these easy steps!

Take your glass out and give it a cleaning
Dust and debris can and will build up over time, to give your glass a good cleaning follow these easy steps:

  • Take the glass out
  • Use the cleaner that was given to you along with your fireplace purchase from us
    • OR, recommended product: Kel Kem
  • Using a soft, warm damp cloth, apply the cleaner to the glass

Never use harsh products like Windex or anything abrasive

  • To dry your glass, use a soft cotton cloth

Clean your log set
We recommend using a very soft brush to gently remove the dust off your log set. Do not use a cloth, water, or vacuum cleaner.

Check your pilot light
If you’re having trouble getting your pilot light lit, consult your owner’s manual for directions.

Check your batteries
Batteries will be located in two places:

  • The remote
  • The receiver

Weak batteries in either device will make it harder to control your fireplace settings. Better to replace them both early on in the season.
Consult your Owner’s Manual for instructions on replacing batteries

If you have a gas log set, check the chimney for any obstructions, and make sure the damper is wide open. Otherwise, odours and smoke won’t go up the chimney, they’ll just settle into the room.

Do a test run to burn off any excess dust, and to see that everything is running smoothly.

And there you go! Your fireplace should be in working order for the upcoming winter season!