When to Inquire About a Fireplace

When to Inquire About a Fireplace

Part 1: Small Renovations

You’re not planning on a big renovation, that’s okay! Fireplaces can easily be changed, in fact, there are many reasons to replace a fireplace.

  • Your old one isn’t working like it used to
  • You’re concerned with energy costs
  • Your home was a recent purchase and the fireplace just isn’t your style

When should you talk to a sales person?

Even if you don’t have a rough timeline of events, it’s still best to talk to someone right away, especially if you live in a condo. That way, we can help figure out what your needs are and give you an idea on the process.

How long will replacing my fireplace take?

This is a bit difficult to generalize, but we have a process that we stick to for every installation job.

  1. We make a visit your home to determine how the installation can be done
  2. We give you a quote on your desired fireplace(s)
  3. When you pay a deposit, we can schedule an installation date
  4. After the installation date, we will send an invoice for the balance

We can usually schedule jobs in as little as 1-2 weeks, but we recommend planning at least a month in advance.

We also offer full-service, which means we can help you with all your preparations and finishings!

Worried about finances? We have partnered with FinanceIt to make it easier for customers to replace their fireplace. Contact us and find out how it works.