When to Inquire About a Fireplace

When to Inquire About a Fireplace

Part 2: New Builds and Major Renovations

Most finishing details can be decided on at a later time in the building process, but people forget that a fireplace is not a finishing detail.

Too often we’ve had a client come in, inquiring about a fireplace while they’re already at the framing or drywall stage! Fireplaces require clearances and distance to combustibles, plus venting.

The best time to speak to a salesperson is during the planning phase. While installations are never booked that early, this allows us to keep in contact with the contractor to make sure dimensions and timing are good.

At any other stage, we could run into hindrances that could be costly. Find your dream fireplace and we will work with your contractor can make sure installation runs smoothly.

Ideally the fireplace will be installed once the roof, doors, and windows are in; and when the rough-in is complete of gas and power.