Update on City of Vancouver Gas Restriction

Update on City of Vancouver Gas Restriction

On May 1st, the restriction on natural gas went into effect.

There was widespread confusion on what the ban entails, and as a result, Vancouver Gas Fireplaces had a few installation cancellations from Vancouver homeowners.

We’ve learned the facts of the gas restriction, and have collected some resources to explain how it will affect Vancouver residents and businesses.

  • The new policy applies to any property that needs to be re-zoned
    • you can replace your current gas or wood fireplace
    • you can add a gas fireplace to your new build, as long as it wasn’t re-zoned after May 1st, 2017
  • This zoning policy only applies to those living within Vancouver city limits

We have a lot of people asking if this really is a big deal. The answer is yes.

If a site is being re-zoned from SFD to commercial, or any variance, the property will no longer be allowed the freedom of choosing between Natural Gas or electric.

This will affect:

  • New housing developments
  • Businesses; restaurants in particular
  • You

With less residents and businesses sharing the cost and transport of gas, the prices will go up.

The bottom line is: a portion of Vancouver residents and businesses will be forced to pay more for electric appliances, while the remaining will have to pay higher costs to maintain gas lines and access to natural gas. Plus, this will hurt businesses and their employees.

Learn what you can do at the Save My Natural Gas campaign website.

Links to resources:
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