Types of Venting for Wood Stoves

Types of Venting for Wood Stoves

Wood stoves have always been a popular option for homeowners; for good reasons, too.

    • They have more flexibility in terms of where you install them
    • They can be more efficient than built in wood fireplaces
    • They often feature a design that makes a statement, whether you go for a more traditional look like Jotul, or a contemporary design like Stuv

One of the first questions we get is how wood stoves are vented. There are multiple ways to vent your wood stove, below we have listed our most common methods:

      1. Through an existing chimney
        • you can have your stove inside, or just in front of an existing masonry fireplace and use the chimney to vent
      1. Directly out the exterior wall and up
        • you can choose to leave the venting exposed or enclosed
        • your wood stove must be close to an outside wall to do this
      1. Straight up from the wood stove and out through the roof
        • there are multiple flashings available for all roofing types

Image from ICC-RSF

Wood stoves need to be vented upwards, with termination extending two feet beyond the roof line.

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