The Modern Fireplace

The Modern Fireplace

In design style, the term modern refers to a 1930’s prohibition era architecture and furniture design. This style has roots in the German Bauhaus School of Design, there are very strict rules and guidelines as to what will qualify as modern; typically the term is characterized by:

  • polished surfaces
  • asymmetry
  • bold geometric shapes

In truth, modern fireplaces aren’t really a thing. Unless you want one custom designed by yours truly.

If a customer came into our showroom and asked us to direct them to our modern fireplaces, we’ll show them these:

Valor Bolero


What makes it modern? The Bolero features a strong, geometric polished surface. The design almost resembles a household appliance from the 1930’s.

Valor Classic Arch


The Classic Arch brings out a prohibition era style with the bold geometric lines. We’re almost getting into the style of chrome highlights with this one, but the simple lines keep this unit modern.

We’ll also have a little fun and show them these:

blog-modern-firelpaces-bell-fires blog-modern-firelpaces-element-4 blog-modern-firelpaces-stuv

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What makes the above direct vent lines modern fireplaces?

Their simplicity and undefined style. You could call them contemporary, but they have a bit of a retro look. They look so clean and classic, they can fit in with any style of space. Which makes them perfect for those wanting to incorporate a modern style to their living area, and are having a rough time finding a truly modern gas fireplace.


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