Standing Pilot or IPI Fireplaces

Standing Pilot or IPI Fireplaces

Okay, this isn’t a versus thing. We’re simply going to explain the differences between the two lighting systems.

A standing pilot has a continuous flame, there is a feature to switch it off if needed. But generally, the pilot will always be on.
This is most beneficial in colder climates because the continuous flame will keep the venting warm and ready to light the main burner within seconds.
Standing pilots are sometimes referred to as millivolts. Millivolts require no access to power.

An intermittent pilot ignition (IPI), or electronic ignition system, does not have a continuous pilot. These fireplaces require access to electricity, fireplaces are available with a battery backup in case of a power outage. Electric requirements are a 110V connection.

There are benefits with both systems, your salesperson should let you know which is the better option for your home heating.

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