Picking a paint colour for your room can be pretty daunting. Home-owner’s tend to want to pick a colour they love, without thinking too much about their furniture or accessories. Here are 3 simple things to remember when selecting a colour palette:

  • If you have a brick or tiled surround, go for a complementary colour, to provide a cool contrast, pick a shade opposite your tile/brick (so if your tiles are dark, pick a light colour and vice versa)
  • Find colours that you have in your room through furniture and accessories
  • Have a great view? Look outdoors for inspiration

In honour of Colour of the Year for 2017, we decided to grab a few photos from our manufacturers and come up with colour palettes. Bear in mind that our colour choices might be limited more to neutral colours because we don’t have a view of the full room. But we hope this provides a glimpse into selecting paint colours.

Unit pictured: Solara II from Marquis

This bedroom has a lot of neutral colours, and a very beautiful, bold painting. The neutral colours might be the best option for doing the full room, but if you’re considering a adventurous colour in a bedroom, it’s best to paint one wall as a feature wall. The most common wall for this is behind the headboard.

Unit pictured: Vertical 3 from Bell Fires

This unique fireplace allows for countless design ideas, we decided to highlight the shape with our showroom unit (pictured right) where we painted the wall black, and the ledge salmon – it is quite the colour combination, but we have received nothing but compliments.
For best results, we would recommend a neutral colour for the wall, and your bold colour for the inner ledge.

Unit pictured: Horizon from Valor

Even though this photo shows only a quarter of the room, you can see there are a lot of colours to choose from. A lot of neutral colours. This is probably a more difficult space to choose paint for, there’s a lot going on indoors and out, personally, we think a grey/blue would work best.

Unit pictured: Insert 26 from Amantii

For this large room, we selected a colour palette from the colours already shown, but because everything is so neutral and clean, the colour palette is so much wider than it appears from our small sample – especially if the one wall above the fireplace is painted to create a feature wall. To make selecting a colour even more difficult: the Amantii Insert 26 is an electric fireplace, which means it features LED lighting with multiple colour options; opening up the colour palette even wider!
What would we do? Grey. It’s modern, clean, and quite frankly we have never seen a grey wall we didn’t like.

We feature over 10 different paint colours in our showroom, as well as tile and stone options; this helps our customers get ideas on their dream fireplace. We can even offer finishing services!

Contact us today about selecting the right fireplace for you and your home!