Product Feature: Travis 42 Pro Builder

Product Feature: Travis 42 Pro Builder


Travis Industries has recently introduced the 42 Pro-Builder fireplace. It was designed with builders in mind. It is a low-cost unit, and doesn’t come with many options or accessories, but it does feature a clean look and linear design that will appeal to many homeowners .

What makes this unit stand-out, besides the contemporary look, is that it comes with the great technology and performance we’ve come to expect from Travis Industries.

Why bother installing a fireplace your clients aren’t going to be happy with?

We often have customers who purchased condos with the “builders special” type fireplaces, their biggest complaints are that it gets too hot, and it looks like something from the 80’s. We believe that a 42 Pro-Builder is a great fireplace to replace the traditional builders fireplace.


The 42 Pro Builder is in production, but we do not have too much information to give. BTU’s in NG/LPG are 13,000-25,000/hr, and it can heat up to 1,250 sq.ft.

Some optional accessories include: blower kit, basic wall remote, the unit comes with white crushed glass media, but can be substituted with any other colour.

We have the installation manual in our showroom, come by and have a look at it to see if the 42 Pro-Builder is right for your project.