Product Feature : Stuv 30 Compact

Product Feature : Stuv 30 Compact

New to the VGF showroom is the Stuv 30 Compact, a wood burning stove that comes on a swivel base; so you can have the flame views pointed in any direction.

We anticipate this to be a popular unit.


  • Clean contemporary look.
    Most people enjoy the overall ambience of a wood fire – but Metro Vancouver homes tend to be more on the contemporary side, and an old-fashioned wood stove doesn’t fit in with modern décor.
  • Advanced technology for a wood stove.
    The stove features a combustion air intake from under the unit, which passes through the combustion chamber, and is vented out through the side of the unit. The hot air is circulated through the room by natural convection.
  • Multi functional.stuv-blog-door
    With the 30 Compacts’ 3 door design, you can choose what function you want from your fire.
    1. Leave the door and glass open for a less functional heater, but see and smell the fire.
    2. Leave the door open, but glass closed for a more functional heater and see the fire.
    3. Or, close the door and the glass for a slow burn, which optimises performance.

View the line of Stuv wood and gas fireplaces we carry at VGF.

Come by our showroom to see the Compact 30 wood stove, or the B95C gas fireplace.