Product Feature: Stuv 30 Compact H Wood Stove

Product Feature: Stuv 30 Compact H Wood Stove

If you’re looking for an efficient wood stove to heat your home long after the fire has gone out, look to the Stuv 30 Compact H wood free standing fireplace.

The stove can be equipped with heat accumulating stones, which allows the heat last long into those cold winter nights. This unit is well-suited to Whistler homes and winter getaways.

How Does it Work?

The combustion chamber can draw air from the outside, which is a great feature for air-tight new builds. The heat from the fire heats both your home, and the optional stones in the upper chamber.

The Stuv 30 Compact H has been EPA approved, with a low emissions total of 2.7gr/hr.

There are 3 fire-viewing options to choose from:

  • Open door – the least efficient option will allow the full fire viewing experience, including: sight, sound, and smell.
  • Glass door – Keep the glass door closed to get a full view of the flames, but keep the flames protected.
  • Slow burner – for maximum efficiency, you can fully close the unit and let the fire burn safely over-night.

Final Thoughts

The 30 Compact H wood stove features a unique, contemporary design. It will fit the most with modern surroundings, but this minimalist unit will look great in any space. The slim body allows for a smaller square footage to be taken up as opposed to more traditional wood stoves.

We have the smaller, Stuv 30 Compact on display in our showroom. Come by and get a look at the quality products from the Stuv line. Or contact us for more information.