Product Feature: FireplaceX 42 Apex Wood Fireplace

Product Feature: FireplaceX 42 Apex Wood Fireplace

FireplaceX has recently introduce the new 42 Apex wood burning fireplace. Armed with advanced technology, the 42 Apex is designed to deliver heat while being one of the highest performing and cleanest burning zero clearance wood fireplaces on the market.

A massive 328 fire viewing area is just the icing on the cake.

Some other unique features include:

  • Bypass damper for easy startup fires and smoke-free reloading
  • Easy to use single air control, artfully hidden in the face design
  • Perforated air wash for super clean glass
  • Unibody construction and heavy gauge steel firebox lined with kiln dried firebrick

Because of its flexible installation options, the 42 Apex could be installed within interior walls. It is best suited for new builds and bigger renovations.

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