Product Feature: Bell Fires Room Divider

We introduced a line of contemporary fireplaces from Bell Fires last year. Since then, we’ve installed these units in our showroom and all over the lower mainland.

What makes Bell Fires a popular line is their look and the technology they possess – both make Bell Fires unparalleled in the fireplace industry.

The Look

The Bell Fires line features a clean contemporary look that can and will match with any style space. The large ceramic glass allows for a full view of the flames and log set, which are amplified with double burner technology. The dual burners will add depth, and make these units seem even bigger than they really are – without sacrificing space in your home.

The Pier design makes this fireplace the perfect feature to separate a large space; or, alternatively, bring two spaces together.

The Technology

Bell Fires feature an array of technological advancements for fireplaces:

  • Unique venting system, their fireplaces aren’t true zero clearance, they require specific clearances. See the manual for details.
  • Double burner technology for added depth – turn one burner off and maintain 85% efficiency.
  • Safety system allows for possible overpressure to be released in a controlled way.
  • The off-centre flue makes it easier to leave the fireplace open – making your room more spacious.
  • Remote control with programming that allows you to ‘stoke’ the flames.


We have the Vertical 3 featured in our showroom – come by and have a look!