Patio Heaters in Vancouver

Patio Heaters in Vancouver

Outdoor Order offers a line of unique, attractive propane patio heaters. Perfect for residential or commercial use, these heaters will be the perfect addition to your outdoor space.


The Axis patio heater features a collapsible design, which makes winter time storage a breeze. An optional cover is available as well.


We’ve had the Curve heater on our site for a while, and it’s quite popular. It features a unique design with the base off to the side, this allows for a greater coverage of unobstructed heat.


The Halo isn’t your standard free standing outdoor patio heater, it features 4 colour options and a heat control options to set the heat at a comfortable level.


The Prism heater features a classic design, with an added bonus of being able to withstand suboptimal weather – aka Vancouver weather. Materials include: 304 grade stainless steel, and a borosilicate tube.

Any heater from the Outdoor Order line will be a great addition to your deck or patio. Each unit holds a 20lb. propane tank, and are available in the following finishes: carbon, steel, copper, titanium, bronze.

The safety screen will protect accidental burns, making these patio heaters especially great for commercial use, such as: restaurant patios, outdoor entertainment venues, and outdoor common areas.

Looking for something else? No problem, take a look at our complete line of patio heaters.