Indoor Wood Fireplaces in Metro Vancouver

Indoor Wood Fireplaces in Metro Vancouver


We have many homeowners who are confused about the proposed bylaws in Metro Vancouver  regarding wood burning fireplaces and stoves.
The reality is you don’t have to worry, Vancouver Gas Fireplaces has you covered.

*please note: this bylaw has not passed, the timeline is a reference as to what it could look like*

Beginning 2020, wood fires will be prohibited in summer months only. Which means you can still use your wood fireplace or stove during the winter.

In 2022 wood appliances will need to be registered, this will be a simple process that we will help our clients out with when they buy a new wood fireplace or stove.

2025 the registration period will be over and any products that are not registered will not be allowed to burn wood.

If you have an open wood hearth, you will need to upgrade to a new wood insert or gas insert if you want to continue using your fireplace.
If you don’t plan on using your fireplace, no need to upgrade or register.

Modern Emission Standards

Emission standards are set by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Current emissions for catalytic wood burning products is 2.5 g/hr, for non-catalytic it’s 4.5 g/hr. All of the indoor wood burning products on our site meet those standards.

We are prepared for the changes going forward, and there is a program in place that will help homeowner’s who decide to take action today and upgrade to Natural Gas.
The FortisBC energy savings rebate of up to $300 is an option for new fireplaces, fireplace inserts, and free standing fireplaces. We can help you select the right gas unit for your home, and get you started on applying for your rebate.

The FortisBC rebate won’t be around forever, it’s best to take advantage on this opportunity now.

Contact us if you have questions about updating your fireplace.