How to Decorate a Fireplace For Your Personal Style

How to Decorate a Fireplace For Your Personal Style

How to Decorate a Fireplace For Your Personal Style

The fireplace is a special component of a household. The primary purpose for the fireplace will depend on personal preferences, but the most common reasons for having a fireplace in a space are to provide warmth, act as a focal point and add ambience to a room. 

Even if heat is the primary purpose, it’s important to be able to bring in a fireplace that matches your personal style, and complements the decor of the space. There are a number of ways to style a fireplace, through the choice of fireplace itself, the installation of it and the decor surrounding it. Let’s delve deeper into these options. 

Modern linear fireplace with brick framing
The bright decor adorning this living area complements the Valor L2 Fireplace

Choosing a Fireplace That Matches Your Style

Once you have a selection of fireplaces that are able to be installed in your space, you can look at the personalization options that come with most fireplaces. We specialize in gas fireplaces at VGF which offer the most customization options. You can often choose to customize:

  • The fireplace liner (plain black, stacked stone, herringbone etc.) 
  • The fireplace media (rocks, logs, stones, glass)
  • The fireplace trim (size and color) 

If your style is Victorian, you may choose a traditional log set, with a rounded arch trim and a stacked stone liner. 

If you are going for a modern but natural look, you may choose a driftwood log set, a thin trim and a herringbone liner. 

If you have a luxury space in mind, you might not have a log set, but elegant fire glass, a stainless steel trim and a polished black liner.

These are just some of the many customization options you can make when you purchase your fireplace. Some electric fireplaces possess similar customization options, but keep in mind that an electric fireplace doesn’t produce real flames, so the main goal with electric options will be creating the best illusion of a flame. You can still find a range of liners and media to decorate your fireplace with.

Whether a gas or electric fireplace, the customization choices you make can make a profound impact on the final look and are a great way to personalize the fireplace to your style. 

Bright open living area featuring fireplace against neutral wall
The 2″ flat trim allows the 564 TV 35K Clean Face by Fireplace Xtrordinair to stand out

Styling Options for Installation

Now that you’ve picked the perfect fireplace, and personalized to your liking, it will be time to install. This is where the possibilities skyrocket and your creative energy can be harnessed. Working with the right mix of professionals will guarantee you success here. A designer can help you with positionality, materials and colors, a contractor can do the framing and installation and your sales professional will advise on what is safe and possible. Always consult the installation manual to check clearances. 

Some important design decisions here are the material that you will build around the fireplace with (stone, tile, brick), the paint color, whether or not to add a mantel and a hearth and where exactly the fireplace will go in the house. There are so many textures and colors that can be combined to create a unique fireplace look, so be thoughtful and don’t limit your creativity here. Here are some examples to get you inspired!

Next comes the fun part that requires a little less commitment. Whilst the choice of fireplace and framing is a higher-stakes, longer-term decision, accessorizing around your fireplace can evolve with your tastes. 

Long linear fireplace against white marble slab
The white marble framing maximizes the impact of the C72 Linear Fireplace by Enviro

Matching Your Fireplace With Your Decor

Depending on the fireplace and the clearances required, you may be able to hang a tv or some art above it. This is up to your design preferences but consider whether you want this option from the start of your project. An alternative to having a TV or art above the fireplace is to decorate your mantel. 

Some people love to change the look of their mantel with the seasons, especially for significant holidays such as Christmas or Halloween. Others will simply rotate out accessories such as photos/art, books and candles. For the cooler months, put an emphasis on cozy fabrics and cooler and more neutral colors. For the hotter months, bring in warmer and brighter colors and some plants.

You can also surround your fireplace with cozy accessories, like poufs, rugs, blanket boxes or ladders, as long as you are respecting the fireplace clearances to avoid any fire hazards. You might like to put a plant or two nearby, or perhaps the fireplace is a statement on it’s own, and the area stays uncrowded.  Find some more ideas here!

Black and white tiles surround fireplace on a white wall
The asymmetrical shelf display flanking the Valor H6 fireplace livens up the room

Time to Start Planning Your Fireplace Design

The fireplace is an important feature that can make a powerful visual statement in a space. Your design possibilities are endless as you decide which customizations to make to the fireplace itself, what materials, colors and textures will be used to frame the fireplace and which decor items you will furnish the surrounding area with. Consult with your local fireplace dealer who will guide you towards suitable fireplaces for your needs before making any major decisions.

Making the design choices that best represent you and align to your style will have you taking great pride in your dwelling. Your home is your sanctuary where you should feel most at ease. Here at Vancouver Gas Fireplaces, we can help make this your reality with a modern, efficient and stylish fireplace, sure to make a splash in your home. We look forward to discussing your fireplace needs.

Slate walls make up dining area featuring a brick lined fireplace
This Marquis fireplace blends flawlessly into the slate features of the room

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