Help Me Choose: Wood

Help Me Choose: Wood

Are you interested in a wood fireplace, but don’t know where to start?

We can help you choose the right wood burning fireplace. We can also provide installation and finishing services.

Zero Clearance (Air Tight)

Air tight wood fireplaces have a combustion chamber designed to maximize the amount of heat you get from every log. These will be the preferred units for home heating. Zero clearance fireplaces require major renovation, or installation in new builds.

Zero Clearance (Open)

Open wood fireplaces do not have a sealed glass front, and will not feature a secondary combustion system. They are older style traditional wood fireplaces but made in a factory out of steel rather than site built out of brick.


These are inserted into existing wood fireplace opening, or approved wood burning metal firebox. Your chimney will need to be cleaned and we’ll need roof access to complete the installation. Inserts are highly efficient and are designed for heat.

Free Standing

Wood stoves are perfect for homeowners who do not want a complete renovation. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to suit any project.

We can optionally vent through a side wall then run chimney on the outside of the building to a vertical termination.

*please check your local bylaws to see what restrictions, if any, there are on wood fireplaces in your municipality