Help Me Choose: Gas

Help Me Choose: Gas

Are you interested in a gas fireplace, but don’t know where to start?

We can help you choose the gas fireplace that’s right for you. We also offer installation and finishing services.

If you’re in a condo or strata development with a gas fireplace, please click here.

Zero Clearance (Direct Vent or B Vent)

Meant for installation in new builds or renovations. Zero Clearance fireplaces will need to be framed and finished. This means we’ll have to open a wall to adjust the framing to fit the unit and venting. You could have a few options for venting – to get the best price on installation, choose an outside wall for your fireplace.

Inserts (Direct Vent or B Vent)

These are inserted into an existing wood fireplace opening, or approved wood burning metal firebox. You’ll likely require a chimney cleaning, and we’ll need unobstructed access to the top of the chimney on your roof.

Free Standing

Gas stoves are perfect for homeowners who do not want a complete renovation. We can most likely vent out the side wall, and avoid having to access your roof.

Log Sets

Log set installations will be the least expensive of all gas products. They require venting, so they should be installed in existing wood fireplaces. Log sets are decorative appliances that will not heat your room as well or as efficiently as any other gas fireplace or stove.


For prices on installation, please call, or come by our showroom to speak with one of our sales staff about your project.