Gas Fireplace Inspections

Gas Fireplace Inspections

Getting your Gas Fireplace Inspected

Permits and inspections are required when installing any gas appliance.

There are 2 types of inspections:

Fireplace Framing Inspection

Zero clearance fireplaces, installed in new construction and most renovations, need a Framing Inspection.
The inspection will occur after the installation and framing of the fireplace, but before any wall board is installed. The inspector will want to be able to see the fireplace, venting, and framing.

Types of fireplaces that need a Framing Inspection:
Direct Vent Zero Clearance
B Vent Zero Clearance

Final Inspection

If you had a gas fireplace inserted into a wood fireplace, you only need the final inspection. Gas stoves will also only need the final because the venting is completely exposed.

Types of fireplaces only requiring a Final Inspection:
Fireplace Inserts
Gas Log Sets
Free Standing

If you required a Framing Inspection, a Final is required after you have closed your walls and tiled/finished your fireplace.

Who Applies for my Permit?

When Vancouver Gas Fireplaces books your installation, we will apply for the gas permit which is issued within hours.

Our administrative team can schedule your inspections. Or, if you prefer we will provide you with all the information required to book them yourself.

Where do you get the Permit from?

Either your municipality, or Technical Safety BC.
Technical Safety BC has jurisdiction in most municipalities and for all large gas systems, such as condo or townhouse developments.

What is required from Me (the Homeowner)?

When we book any inspection please arrange for someone to be on site to grant access to the inspector. The installation manual should be with the fireplace so the inspector can reference it.

Our sales team will explain what type of inspection you will need.  Our administrative team is on top of scheduling inspections, so you don’t need to worry. We think it’s nice to have a guide for homeowner’s. Please call us if you have any additional questions or concerns with getting your fireplace inspected.