Gas and Charcoal BBQ’s

Gas and Charcoal BBQ’s

Complete your outdoors with a BBQ no matter how big or small your space is. We have portable BBQ’s and built-ins. You won’t find the brands we carry in your local big box store.


Big Green Egg

With 7 sizes to choose from, the Big Green Egg will make a statement on your deck or patio. Armed with a plethora of optional cooking eggsessories, you can bake, smoke, or grill your entrees, main courses, and desserts.

There are pre-made stands available, or, you can download a design complete with instructions to make a simple wood table yourself.

We’ve just added the Everdure by Heston line to our list of BBQ’s (soon to be added to our website). They feature a modern, clean design. With cooking technology to make your time more efficient and your meals more savoury.

Some of the products include:

The Cube charcoal BBQ

The Cube is a fantastic solution to the needs of apartment or condo dwellers in Metro Vancouver. Not only is it small and compact, it’s completely portable so you can easily bring it camping or for a day at the beach.

The Hub charcoal BBQ

For homeowner’s looking for a product on the larger side, check out the Hub. It can rotisserie up to 40kg, and has a large grilling area capable of cooking for large groups.
This unit is portable, but requires access to power.


There are a number of options for natural gas or propane cookers. Including built-ins and stand alones.

From the new Everdure line, we have the Furnace.

A propane BBQ with 3 controls for separate burners. The BBQ can be removed from the stand and placed on a flat surface for your convenience.

Come to our showroom and let us help you with your outdoor space.
Other outdoor items to consider are fireplaces, fire pits, and patio heaters.