Fireplace Clearances

Fireplace Clearances

Clearances refer to how far materials have to be from your fireplace. Most zero clearance fireplaces can have combustible materials (e.g. wood framing, drywall) touching the back and sides of the unit without fear of heat damage.

Some fireplaces require non-combustible framing and finishing materials for installation (e.g. steel studs, cement board, Skamotec).
Furniture, other soft furnishings, and draperies need to be 3 feet away from the front of all heat producing fireplaces.

Mantels, and other finishing materials need to be a specific distance from your fireplace. A general rule is the more a mantel projects forward from the wall the higher it will need to be.

A popular trend is hanging TV’s or artwork above a fireplace, this used to not be recommended. But there are new ways to make it safe and easy to hang a television above your fireplace.

Read an article on Houzz about this design debate.

Remember: It is important to consult your installation manual for all requirements.

Valor HeatShift

The Valor HeatShift System allows you to hang combustibles, such as televisions and art, above your fireplace. The airflow and venting technology transfers the heat above the fireplace. The HeatShift System is available with most Valor indoor zero clearance fireplaces.

Up to 60% of the heat will rise up and flow through the HeatShift System and pushed back out into the room. This is done without the use of fans, and without the need for electricity.

As the HeatShift dramatically lowers the temperature of the wall you can place your mantel closer to the fireplace.

See the HeatShift System brochure.

Enviro Heat Distribution Kit

Available with their linear direct vent zero clearance fireplaces, the Enviro Heat Distribution Kit also makes it possible to hang a TV above a fireplace. The heat can be shifted above the unit, or to another room.

The Enviro heat distribution kit does not change the mantel requirements. And is available with Enviro linear models only.

See the Enviro Heat Distribution manual.

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