Feature Product: Stuv B100H

Feature Product: Stuv B100H

When looking at fireplaces, most homeowner’s will consider what media and finishes suit their décor. Are their interiors loaded with traditional, or contemporary fixtures? And how about re-sale; can they sell their home with a fireplace with such a defined appearance?

We’re focussing on the B100H from Stuv, it is a remarkable unit in both fireplace technology, and overall looks.

Does it have style?

The Stuv B100H gas fireplace has such a classic look to it, and features clean contemporary lines – Stuv products were designed to look amazing in all styles of homes; whether you enjoy a rustic atmosphere, or a modern interior.


What about functionality?

Armed with one of the top gas fireplace technologies, the B100H features a wood-burner, which means it has 2 burners, one long in the front, and a short one in the back. This gives the unit a more realistic, campfire look. Too hot? Turn one burner off and maintain 80% efficiency.


Come see the Stuv B100H in our showroom!