Why You Should Consider a See-Thru Fireplace

Why You Should Consider a See-Thru Fireplace

See-thru fireplaces are a great addition to make to your home. They’re less expensive to install than 2 separate fireplaces because they only need one flue and one set of venting.

The more popular installation locations are between dining and living rooms, arguably the most occupied rooms of the home.
Other locations include between master bedroom and master bath, kitchen and living room, and between the living room and main entry way.

Why should I buy?

We already mentioned they’re less expensive than installing two fireplaces, but they’re also going to be less expensive in the long run.

With the heating technology of fireplaces these days, you can expect to efficiently heat two rooms with the one fireplace – which will be less money spent on fuel.

How should I design?

Some homeowners might worry about incorporating a design, maybe they’re wanting a different look for each room. That’s okay! So many fireplaces come with media and liner options that will fit in with any style space – making it easy to transition from a modern chic dining room to a rustic living room.

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TC36 See-Thru Bentley See-Thru L1 See-Thru B100

We have two see-thru units available for viewing in our showroom.

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