Why Choose Vancouver Gas Fireplaces? Building Trades Edition

Why Choose Vancouver Gas Fireplaces? Building Trades Edition

When you work in the building trades you usually want to have a reliable source for all of your essential needs.
Somewhere to get your tiles from.
Somewhere to get your doors from.
Your floors. Your hardware.
And your fireplaces.

That’s where we come in.

We carry a wide range of products for individual needs – electric, gas, wood, and ethanol. And when you’re helping someone design their dream home, it should include a well-designed fireplace from a trustworthy manufacturer.
We only carry products that we believe in, and our sales staff work hard to provide the best solution for every customer.
We have fireplaces for all kinds of applications, including B-Vent fireplaces for apartment renovations, ethanol and electric for spaces that don’t, or can’t, have access to a gas line.

Whether your design includes traditional or modern design elements, we can find you a gas fireplace that will look great in any setting. If your client is looking for a high-end showcase direct vent fireplace brand like Stuv; or a high-performance, low-cost brand like Enviro. VGF has the unit you’re looking for.

The Valor Legend G3 comes with a variety of designs options to suit your clients style.

We recognize that metro Vancouver has a unique style, so we make sure our products can be versatile and fit in with modern, traditional, and transitional décor.

The FireplaceX 430 with contemporary driftwood log set and traditional brick liner.

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