Why Choose a Gas Stove

Why Choose a Gas Stove

Now that we’re getting into the colder months, a gas stove is the perfect choice for homeowners who want to upgrade their heating.


  1. Less heat loss up the chimney.
    Gas stoves can be more efficient than a direct vent zero clearance fireplace because the body is exposed, rather than hidden in a wall. With a gas stove, any heat radiating from the body will flow into your home.
  2. Less construction.
    Direct vent fireplaces require an open wall with framing and a rough in inspection, you might not want to do that in the winter months. A gas stove does not require any open walls, only access through the roof, or the side wall, which can be made and patched up same day.
  3. More options for installation.
    You’re not as limited on where you choose to install a gas stove. Which means you can target high traffic areas of your home.

Free standing stoves provide the most benefits for those who do not currently have an older or non-working gas or wood fireplace.

Some things to consider:

  • Space – if you’re worried about space, gas stoves come in different sizes; our smallest unit will heat up to 950 sq.ft.
  • Clearances to combustibles – like any fireplace, you’ll need to be aware of any combustibles near your stove. This includes: furniture, curtains, and carpet – carpeted areas will require a hearthpad.

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