Celebrating 2020 Earth Day & 2020 Wood Stove Compliance!

Celebrating 2020 Earth Day & 2020 Wood Stove Compliance!

2020 Compliance: Did you know that the wood burning fireplace industry has been doing its best to reduce carbon emissions?  Wood stoves are a perfect example.

Blaze King Chinook 20 uses catalytic damper for long, efficient burns.

Most of the products that Vancouver Gas Fireplaces represent today have gone through extensive re-engineering to become 2020 Compliant.

Popular Worldwide, the Jotul 602 is burning more efficiently than ever!


Stoves must now emit 2 grams or less of particulates per hour, which is good news for our environment and offers such an efficient burn, that you will be using much less wood than older model stoves.

Pacific Energy Neo 1.6, re-burning wood gases, with colour enamel options.



Stove models are slowly coming back on line after rigorous re-engineering and re-testing.  We are expecting more to be certified, manufactured and released by June of this year and so we are updating our web site as we go along.

Some excellent small cabin wood stove products that are 2020 compliant and available now are shown in this blog.

If need a new wood burning stove contact us.  We can supply the stove and chimney components that you will need.

May 15th is the new compliance deadline for wood stoves, but we thought we would celebrate this major industry change today.  Happy Earth Day!