Bio Flame Ethanol Fireplaces

Bio Flame Ethanol Fireplaces

We’re adding a new line of ethanol fueled fireplaces to our inventory.

With an ethanol fireplace, you don’t have to worry about venting, and depending on the product you choose, installation can be minimal.


Available in stainless steel, and painted black, fireboxes are safe to install indoors and outdoors (protection from the elements is necessary). With your choice of see-thru, or single-sided, fireboxes come in multiple lengths to give you the best product to fit your space.

RC Smart Burner

Remote controlled smart burners, Bio Flames’ RC burners are the only remote controlled ethanol burners on the market today. The Smart burner will monitor CO2 levels, is equipped with external heat sensors, and comes with child-lock. The remote also comes with 6 heat settings. Bio Flame also has a smart phone app for controlling your RC burner.

Come to our showroom to see how the RC burner works.


Featuring a simple, modern design, the grate requires zero installation, and will fit nicely in your existing wood fireplace cavity. You can also create your own fireplace focal point, as long as you maintain safe distance from combustibles, and have a level surface, the Grate will look great anywhere!

Easily portable, the Grate can be transferred indoors and outdoors (just not when the flame is lit).

Wall Mounted

Includes wall mounting kit, you’ll need a couple of friends to help you install, but you can hang these Bio Flame fireplaces just about anywhere.

The sleek, modern design will provide a wonderful focal point even without the fire burning.

Free Standing Furniture

While some assembly is required, the instructions are easy to follow, and you can have your ethanol fireplace set up in no time!

The furniture line comes in all shapes and sizes, and feature contemporary design to look great in any space.

Come to our showroom to see some of the products we have on display.