All About Stuv

All About Stuv

Stuv Fireplaces has been a force in the wood fireplace and stove industry. Recently, they introduced a line of contemporary gas fireplaces, that are fit for a modern lifestyle, with intriguing double burner technology.

The technical design of the burners make it possible to turn one burner completely off and still maintain 80% efficiency.

Double Burner

Two long burners distributed along the width of the fireplace for a heavy flame presence.

Units that feature the double burner are: B95c, B95 3-sided, B100


Double Burner Wood

The front burner stretched across the length of the fireplace, with a shorter one behind that produces tall flames for a realistic wood fireplace effect.

Units that feature the double burner are: B60, B80, B100H


The simple design of Stuv fireplaces makes it easy to blend with any style space, with no louvres, or surrounds, you can incorporate your personal touch without having to worry about it clashing with your fireplace.

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