Mechanical Fireplace Damper

The MFD Mechanical Fireplace Damper is an automated damper designed to mount the top of a chimney for use with gas fireplaces and model RS Chimney Fan. The MFD prevents excess heat from escaping through the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. The ultra low profile MFD comes equipped with an actuator that is interlocked to the ADC 100 so it only opens when the fireplace is in use and draft is proven

Prices starting at for the MFD for RS9 and RS 12 – 304 stainless steel, 120V EX-H2812-120 N:
8″: $1,355
10″: $1,425
12″: $1,525
Prices starting at for the MFD for RS14 and RS 16 – 304 stainless steel, 120V EX-H2908-120 N:
8″: $1,425
10″: $1,525
12″: $1,625


Only operates when fireplace is on and the fan is running, Two endswitches to adjust damper position, Equipped with Enerdrive fail safe system to open the damper in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure, Built with 304 stainless steel