Time is Luxury: Big Green Egg

April 15, 2020 | Fireplaces

[caption id="attachment_7331" align="alignright" width="300"] We DELIVER! Big Green Eggs & Accessories in Vancouver![/caption] Whether it’s making a wood fire, designing your next fireplace project or firing up the charcoal, Vancouver Gas Fireplaces is happy to bring you some non-rushed, slow paced ideas and products for your consideration. In the mood for trying something slow and easy? You may have heard of Big Green Egg multi purpose charcoal BBQ and smoker … Or you may already have one.  Why not try your hand at some slow cooking recipes?  There are hundreds online through Big Green Egg or other independent bloggers.   To download more recipes and product information, just click here. [caption id="attachment_7333" align="alignnone" width="600"] Time to learn how to smoke![/caption] This smoked Brisket recipe takes 8 hours of luxurious time - that you may now have! [caption id="attachment_7335" align="alignleft" width="396"] Slow roasted with the fixings![/caption] [caption id="attachment_7334" align="alignleft" width="150"] BGE Smoke or roast StandUp Chickens[/caption]               It takes a few hours to slow cook and smoke one of these birds for absolutely delicious results!         [caption id="attachment_7332" align="alignleft" width="247"] Stand up accessories in stock at VGF[/caption] Charcoal, turkey/chicken stands and other accessories are available at Vancouver Gas Fireplaces. Our showroom is closed, but you can still pre order, order and have items delivered (curbside) by calling 604 265-1387  or emailing us…  and get smoking!

Our response to the Zero Emissions Building Plan

November 25, 2016 | Fireplaces

As many of you have heard, the City of Vancouver has passed a Zero Emissions Building Plan. Problem: This will increase costs in a city that’s already facing an affordability problem. Vancouver residents will have limited choices on the appliances they use in their homes and businesses. In the future, this could mean:
  • No gas fireplaces
  • No gas ranges
  • No gas barbecues
  • No gas furnaces
The elimination of these appliances will lead to job loss and force businesses (especially small, like ours) to downsize, or move to a less accessible location, or close up all together. Councillor De Genova has issued a Motion on Notice (B.1) that is being voted on November 29th, 2016. The motion moves to include natural gas as an acceptable form of energy in the Green Buildings report. We at Vancouver Gas Fireplaces support Councillor De Genova’s motion, as it allows choices for business and homeowner’s, and will not lead to job losses. Please email mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca to make your voice heard! The vote takes place on November 29th, 2016.

Product Feature: Opti-Myst from Dimplex

November 24, 2016 | Fireplaces

An interesting addition to the electric fireplace line from Dimplex is the Opti-Myst. Featuring a smoke and mist effect, the Opti-Myst uses electrosonic technology and lights to give an illusion of a flame. Completely safe to touch, the Opti-Myst can be installed anywhere (with access to electric) and doesn’t require venting. Because it doesn’t emit heat, the Opti-Myst is 100% efficient. blog-opti-myst Design options are pretty much endless, multiple units can be combined to create on long, linear fireplace; you can make your Opti-Myst see-thru, single-sided, pier, corner, or whatever type you want. Add any kind of media to complete your Opti-Myst. View the flame from an Opti-Myst on the Woodland Direct youtube channel.

Product Feature: C44 from Enviro

October 27, 2016 | Fireplaces

Enviro Fireplaces have recently introduced a linear gas fireplace. You can expect the same great performance as with other Enviro products, but with a more contemporary look. There are multiple media and liner options so you can choose which look suits your space best. blog-c44-contemp-trad With 504sq.in of glass area, the C44 provides a full view of the beautiful media and liner (no matter what you choose), as well as the dancing flames, which reach impressive heights. blog-c44-flame The Enviro C44 will heat up to 1,700sq.ft, making this unit fit for quite a large area; an optional heat distribution kit is available, so you can send the heat to the areas of your home with the highest traffic. With an efficiency rating of 64.5%, the C44 is available for the FortisBC rebate. Conditions apply, contact us for more details.