Our showroom “FloorBow” is ready for appointments!

May 24, 2020 | Fireplaces

We have Flattened a Curve and Coloured our World! Our showroom is open by appointment. Fireplace projects are exciting … and Vancouver Gas Fireplaces wants to keep our fireplace conversations rolling with you! We have set up a fun, colour-coded floor system that will easily keep us 6 feet apart. Fun and symbolic, "FloorBow" flattens the curve of a rainbow;  its colours guide us to stay safely apart when we meet in  person! [caption id="attachment_7372" align="alignleft" width="222"] Colour "FloorBow" by the starting green.[/caption]   It’s simple. If you stand on a Red mark, I will stand on Red mark … and we’ll be 6 feet apart. Blue for you, blue for me. Or perhaps Purple is the best site line for you to see? Maybe yellow? Or turquoise will get you closer to your dream flame- and Orange you glad you've made a plan ... for a brand new fireplace installation!     [caption id="attachment_7364" align="alignleft" width="218"] When it's time for a showroom meeting, the FloorBow will help us meet together, 6 feet apart.[/caption] Let’s talk about your project by telephone first, and then we can arrange for your private, in-store consultation. Call 604 732 3470 and leave a detailed message for us to follow up with you OR Use the contact form at www.vangasfireplaces.com/contact/ Fireplace projects are exciting! As the saying goes … we’ll be speaking moistly during our consultation. Cloth or paper masks are required so we can safely discuss your project - and keep our conversations going until you get the fireplace you love is installed!   [caption id="attachment_7365" align="alignnone" width="226"] "FloorBow" keeps us 6' feet apart by using colour![/caption]