Product Feature: Opti-Myst from Dimplex

November 24, 2016 | Fireplaces

An interesting addition to the electric fireplace line from Dimplex is the Opti-Myst. Featuring a smoke and mist effect, the Opti-Myst uses electrosonic technology and lights to give an illusion of a flame. Completely safe to touch, the Opti-Myst can be installed anywhere (with access to electric) and doesn’t require venting. Because it doesn’t emit heat, the Opti-Myst is 100% efficient. blog-opti-myst Design options are pretty much endless, multiple units can be combined to create on long, linear fireplace; you can make your Opti-Myst see-thru, single-sided, pier, corner, or whatever type you want. Add any kind of media to complete your Opti-Myst. View the flame from an Opti-Myst on the Woodland Direct youtube channel.