Home Offices – Making Home, Work

August 14, 2020 | Fireplaces

The concept of home has changed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. When many workers were banished from offices as lockdowns were implemented, work from home entered the mainstream. Many workers will continue to work from home, so how are they adapting to this change? Many are choosing to repurpose and adorn their abodes to accommodate home offices.

Work from Home is Here to Stay

Working from home pleases many, reclaiming money and time previously spent on commutes and lunches. Others feel unsettled by the lack of distinction between home and work. Whichever the case, working from home is not fleeting. Whilst the pandemic endures, outcomes remain uncertain and the need to alter lifestyles continues. COVID-19 has enforced the shift to flexible work arrangements that began with an increased demand for work-life balance.   [caption id="attachment_3549" align="aligncenter" width="500"]A landscape fireplace lies in the background of an office desk setup Workers are Adapting to the Reality of Work From Home[/caption]  

Shift in Demand for Home Offices

People are recognising that these changes will be lasting, and permanent for some workers. Many are upgrading their home office setups by decorating, renovating and adding basement suites or building laneway homes. Condos with extra bedrooms, large balconies or dens are under demand in Vancouver as home office spaces are prioritised. People are reimagining what home means to them, and making use of spaces previously unused. [caption id="attachment_1283" align="aligncenter" width="500"]A cosy fire against timber with two seats and a coffee table in the foreground Reinvent Rooms into Home Offices[/caption]

Reinventing Home

There are a myriad of approaches to incorporating work into the home. One option is converting bedrooms, basements or sheds to home offices.  Another is the clear separation of work zones from relax zones. Adding cozy touches to living spaces can ensure full relaxation when off the clock. You don’t have to ask us twice what the ultimate touch of cozy is! There is no greater sense of comfort than being fireside. When the sun fades and the rain begins, this effect will amplify. Whether it's to build a new suite, upgrade a home office or cozy up a living space, ask us which fireplace will suit yours or your clients’ needs best. [caption id="attachment_5827" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Fireplace nestled between a home library A Quality Fireplace Could Transform Your Down Time[/caption]

VGF Can Help

Whilst disconcerted by these hard times, people are adapting to their newfound situations by taking control of their residences. With home becoming the main dwelling, the need to ensure it is a place of both function and refuge is vital. We would love to help you strike this balance through our many fireplace options. Tell us about how you or your clients are adapting to work from home via the form or give us a call at 604-732-3470.