Special Deals

We do regular change-outs in our showroom and offer ‘retired’ units on for a discount. We guarantee the units are in great shape, work properly, AND are budget friendly.
*prices do not include the cost of installation, please call us for details on installation costs
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Stuv 95C Left zero clearance- $5,000 + installation
Showroom unit. See brochure,

see installation manual

Amantii Free Standing – $700
Showroom unit. Electric free standing, remote control

Peppermint Forty2 – $3,500 cash and carry
Showroom unit. Solar energy charger

Wittus Cubic – $4,477 + installation
Showroom (never used). Wood stove 3 1/2′ high

10lb pound Fireglass in various colors!

AFG Glass Clearance $40 per 10lb jar, Regular price $90.

Colors Available at time of writing.

Caramel Firebeads x 1

Sky Blue Eco Glass x 1

Smoke Eco Glass x 1

Amber Eco GlassĀ  x 3

Jet Black Eco Glass x 2

Midnight Blue Luster x 2

1/4″Evergreen x 2

1/4″ Grey reflective x 1

1/2″ Grey 1

Jade Green x 1