VANOX Nova Fireplace

An exquisite contemporary, b-vent fireplace; the Nova from Vanox was designed for modern condo living. A high number of downtown Vancouver condo’s were designed with b-vented or power venting fireplaces, the Nova is a great way to update your condo fireplace.

The unit comes with a clean-face design, and starfire media. Other media options are available, as well as remote control and thermostats.

Max. BTU Input


Steady-State Efficiency



30 7/16″H x 27 1/8″W x 14 5/8″D


4″ or 5″

Clean-Face design, 100% fail safe shut off valve and high limit switch

Options include: IPI electronic system with optional on/off remote or thermostatic control, Fan kit with thermally activation and fan speed control, Millivolt system with various remote control options or thermostats

Please aske for updated specifications.