LOPI Rockport Hybrid-Fyre™ Wood Stove

The Rockport Hybrid-Fyre™ is a wood burning free standing fireplace. It features a traditional cast iron design, with an optional GreenStart™ Electric Igniter.

This unit can heat up to 2,000sq.ft, and maintain an efficiency of 78.4%. With Lopi’s award winning technology, this unit will use less wood and burn longer – a great feature for those cold nights.

Prices starting at: $4,129

Cord Wood Output

67,700 BTU/hour

Heating Area

Up to 2,000 sq.ft




1.7 g/hr

Max. Burn Time

10 hours

Firebox Size



31 1/2″H x 28 1/4″W x 19 3/4″D

Hybrid-Fyre™ technology uses less wood and heats for longer, Easy-to-use Air Operating Control, Large ash pan, Bypass damper, Cast iron convection chamber