JOTUL GF 400 Sebago Gas Stove

Beauty and efficient operation come alive within the Jøtul GF 400 DV/BV Sebago. Handsomely detailed in cast iron, this stove’s nautical styling recalls the coves and shores of Lake Sebago, locked amid the rock and pines of Maine. Incorporating Jøtul’s new revolutionary cast iron and stainless steel burner, the JøtulBurner™, and Jøtul Heat Fin™ technology makes the Jøtul GF 400 Sebago the perfect medium size heater for any home.


DV 18,000-32,000/hr, BV 22,000-40,000/hr


DV 16,000-32,000/hr, BV 20,000-40,000/hr

Heating Area

Up to 1,500 sq.ft




28 1/2″H x 26 1/4″W x 26 1/2″D

Versatile venting options – 2 foot minimum vertical or straight back with snorkel, Graceful double doors and ceramic safety glass provide a spectacular flame, Realistic ceramic fiber logs burn with the realistic glow of a wood fire. Redesigned 3 piece log set standard, No electricity required – easy to operate ignition system, ON/OFF/Thermostat switch, Standard reversible Dura-Vent started collar (4″ x 6 5/8″) provided, Vent restrictors included for vertical terminations (Direct Vent only), Body colours: Brown Majolica, Blue-Black enamel, Matte Black